Portland’s Compromise: The Colored School 1867-1872

This work was motivated by school integration efforts in the late 1970s in Portland, Oregon, and revealed that racially-motivated educational decisions were not new to Portland (as they were not to other cities across the nation). Previously unexamined school documents were explored as was census data.

AWARDS: Helen's poem, "The Loneliness of the Heart Is Forever", has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Helen has two poems in this superb publication, "All Those Bodies" and "Aunt Helen".
These poems are part of a collection-in-progress about three generations of an Italian- Catholic family.
The author visits post-Civil War racial history in the school system in Portland, Oregon.
Casey’s poems are compelling. Throughout, Casey’s lyrical voice resonates.
--Vivian Shipley
Deft. Real, honest, terse, sinewy, searing, passionate poems of emotional and sensual immediacy
--Brian Doyle